Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

The Magic Story Machine uses advanced generative AI to take whatever story prompt you enter and create a classic bedtime story. Your plot, characters, settings and any other detail you enter are woven in to the story - and the AI fills in any missing pieces and crafts a plot and happy ending in the style of classic stories you love.

AI? Is it safe?

Yes! The system has specific limits in place to make sure it only generates safe and appropriate stories. If an inappropriate prompt is entered, the system will flag it and not create a story. If suggestive content is entered, the system will craft a wholesome story anyway.

What about my privacy?

Your stories are just for you - you can share them with friends if you want, but they are never shared without your action. Any prompt you enter is only used to create the story and never used again.

Can I use this on my phone? My tablet?

Yes and yes. It works on phones and tablets and will even sync between your multiple devices. So you can create a story on your phone and read it from your library on your tablet.

How much does Magic Story Machine cost?

There is a free three day trial after which it is $2.49/month when billed yearly.

Can I keep and read my old stories?

Yes! All your stories are saved in you "Library" and you can read (or delete) them anytime.

Other Questions?

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