The Magic Story Machine

Make Bedtime Magical

Create short stories for kids that are unique, personal and about anything you can think of.

Children look forward to bedtime with perfectly silly stories from their imagination.

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Loved by users!

My daughter asks to go to bed now just so she can hear a new story. Amazing!

My son has some wild ideas and this creates a great story each time.

We made a story to help my son who was scared of flying. Thank you!

A story about... A boy named Alex and his dog Harry find a lost robot that can fly and dance.

A story about... Oliver and Ava go on a trip to grandmas in a hot air balloon.

A story about... An aircraft carrier is attacked by dinosaurs and fights with lasers.

A story about... A princess named Evelyn is lost in a castle but a talking parrot helps her.

How it Works

The Magic Story Machine uses advanced AI specifically trained for great, kid-friendly stories that are always unique and fun.

  1. Use Your Own Words
    Describe a story and include whatever details you want. No rules to follow.
  2. Answer a Few Questions
    The Magic Story Machine will ask up to 3 short questions to help fill in the plot.
  3. Get a Story in Seconds
    Your 100% unique story is generated almost instantly for you to enjoy.
  4. Stories Stay in Your Library
    Access past stories any time and re-visit funny story memories. Create unlimited stories whenever you want.

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No More Bedtime Battles

Stop begging your child to get in bed, struggling with boring stories, or reading the same book for the 100th time.

Kids excitedly snuggle in to bed when they are looking forward to a great story.

Let the Magic Story Machine create the perfect bedtime tale - starring your child or their favorite things.

Stories can be exciting, silly, or even slow and calming. Simply ask for a peaceful tale to ease a child to sleep and watch the magic happen.

Safe and Helpful Stories

Personalized stories can help your child deal with fear or anxiety - about the dark, an upcoming trip, doctor's appointments or any other situation.

The Magic Story AI takes any situation and designs a story about overcoming adversary and ending with a happy resolution.

Go ahead and try it. Be sure to include familiar names and places and say you want a story to help a child that is scared, upset or dealing with the unknown.

Spark a Love for Writing

Your child's imagination comes to life in stories. This helps them make a connection between their ideas and words on a page - igniting a lifelong passion for reading and writing.

Encourage children to explore creative ideas and show them how unexpected details fill in the plot. Discuss the characters.

Kids that enjoy reading and writing become more confident and creative (and do better in school).

Read-Aloud Audio Stories

Any story you create can be turned in to an audiobook and automatically read-aloud by a soothing (AI) narrator.

Children can listen to stories on their own and go back through their Magic Story Machine library to listen to past stories.

A great tool for kids learning to read as the story pages are automatically turned during the narration.

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